Building A Buyers List

August 12th, 2013 by Jarad

The Importance of Building A Buyers List

building a buyers listBuilding a buyers list is one of the most important things you can do as a real estate investor. What surprises me the most, it that a lot of investors are not building a buyers list which can really cost them. Having a buyers list is the difference between selling a house in a few hours as opposed to a few weeks or months. And the longer you hold onto a house, the more it takes from your profits because of holding costs.

Building a buyers list is a tremendous asset and something every real estate investor should spend the time doing. So let me share a few things you can do to really begin building that list of buyers.

Building Your Buyers List One Name At A Time

The very first thing you need in order to capture and organize names is a form. That form is usually connected to a database which will store the information. Now, there are several ways this can be done, however, I would encourage you to set something up that has email capability because then you can simply email your buyers list when you have a deal. You’ll want to make sure you that the email provider you use has a good delivery rate because if you can’t get to your potential buyers email inbox, all your work is in vain.

I would stick to Aweber, Icontact, or GetResponse. I personally use Aweber and love them! They are very user friendly and their delivery rate is amazing. At any rate, being able to email your list has huge advantages, so get set up with a good email provider. Now, I should also mention that you can do this by using excel and manually filling in names, numbers and emails and then load the list into outlook or gmail if you want, but I’m all about automation and using my time wisely.

Once you’ve set up your Aweber account, created a database (or list as they call it) and created a form to capture information, you need a place to put the form to automatically capture your buyer leads. You do this by having a website. You’ll simply copy and paste the auto generated form code on the page and start sending your potential buyers there. If you don’t already have a website, it’s super easy to set up a free one. You can use Blogger, WordPress, or Weebly. When you set up a website on any of these platforms, you get the pick what to name your site and it will never cost you a dime. You never have to pay for hosting or any of it and they come with a few templates. The URL’s will look like this…


Now if you don’t want to see blogspot, wordpress or weebly at the end of the URL, you will need to register an actual domain name and get hosting.

Ways to Build Your Buyers List

Once you have your website up and form is working, you can now start to advertise and begin building a buyers list. You can advertise on Craigslist, Postlets, and Local Real Estate Club sites. You can also hand out fliers around the city pushing them to your website.

Some of the best leads you can get are when you call on those “I Buy Houses” signs on the street corners. They are telling you they buy houses so call them up, get their name, email and phone number and manually enter them into your list. And don’t forget to call on those “I Buy Houses” ads you see in your local newspaper or PennySaver.

Another great way to add leads and build your buyers list is by going to the foreclosure auction. Most of the investors that go to the auction have CASH because in most states the balance is due within 24 – 48 hours or else they lose their earnest money deposit. Start getting names an numbers of investors at the auction. They too are looking for great deals on properties.

Don’t forget landlords either. Call all the For Rent signs and find out who is interested in adding more properties to their portfolio. By doing these things a few hours a week, you’ll be surprised how quickly your buyers list grows.


2 Responses to “Building A Buyers List”

  1. Abe Says:

    Why wait until you own the property to find a buyer? Buyers lists are vital. Under this strategy, it is even easy to “wholesale” homes by entering into a purchase contract and then selling the home before you have to post any money.


  2. Jarad Says:

    Abe, you are so spot on! In this business it’s always a good idea to find an end buyer you can flip your deal to. You have a lot more confidence in yourself when you have buyers and a lot less risk.

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