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Foreclosures at lowest rate since February 2008
States are clearing the backlog of foreclosures from the crisis years as the market slowly returns to normal.

Foreclosures dip in St. Louis
Mortgage delinquencies ticked up and foreclosures ticked downward in metro St. Louis in August, CoreLogic reported today.

In a sign of health for San Diego County’s housing market, the number of foreclosures in the region fell to a post-Great Recession low in September.

Foreclosures fall to post-recession low
Foreclosures fell again in September, to lows not seen in years.

Foreclosures still 3 times the normal level
Five years after the Great Recession, homeowners are still struggling with foreclosures.

Top mortgage firm accused of abuses
One of the nation's largest servicers of home loans may have denied struggling borrowers the chance to fix loan problems and avoid foreclosures, New York's financial regulator has alleged. An investigation ...

Zombie Foreclosures Are Haunting Towns Across the United States
NEW YORK ( MainStreet ) — One in five homes in the foreclosure process are zombies, according to RealtyTrac which says that Florida leads the list with maybe 55,000 homes that are abandoned by their owners and in a legal limbo.

Foreclosures fall to pre-bubble levels
The housing market finally shows signs of returning to normal, as foreclosures nationwide reach a 98-month low.

Shelby County Residential Foreclosures Drop 22 Percent
Foreclosures have been on a consistent downward slope in Shelby County, with newly available figures underscoring the comprehensive nature of the decl...

Rise Could Be Blip, but Weâre Far From Done With Foreclosures
NEW YORK ( MainStreet ) — The U.S. housing market is especially volatile these days, with mortgage rates down, mortgage applications up and — after a long period of dormancy — foreclosure activity on the rise too.