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May 18th, 2019 by victorbrown

Serial Entrepreneur, Dr. Patrick Gentempo, Certainly Isn’t Backward In Coming Forward. So Why Should You Listen To Him? If That Is, You Actually Should You Listen To Him…? In Fact, Should You Even Give Him The Time Of Day…? Let’s Delve Deep Into The Reality Behind The Persona, And Discover What Really Makes Him Tick…

Dr. Patrick Gentempo (yes, he really is a doctor) is the epitome of the modern day success story… If that is, you’re to believe all the self-promotion that’s flying around about the guy.

The thing is, any clever marketer worth his (or her) salt can flood the good ol’ Internet with praise, pomp, and circumstance. But getting the REAL truth about a subject or person… Now that’s another thing entirely…

And being as Gentempo’s a name that seems to be on everyone’s lips right now—not to mention that he’s making a ton of money from the products he produces like Money Revealed—we decided it was time there was a no holds barred, completely non-biased profile on the man.

If you’re looking to buy into any of his products about building wealth by investing in the stock market (and in particular, his latest—Money Revealed), then you’re gonna be mighty interested with what we have to report…

The Patrick Gentempo back story

Now… There’s not a lot of value in us dragging up all the yadda yadda you can find yourself with a simple Google search. Suffice to say, the guy qualified as a chiropractor (the spark was lit when he himself was treated by one after a sports accident at high school). Coming from a regular family he had to work to put himself through college, and then chiropractic school. The work ethic was certainly instilled in him at a young age….

He considers his chiropractic years as his Act 1. Act 2 was his company creations, with the largest being recently sold to commence Act 3. Along the way, he’s founded, owned, and operated no less than 16 businesses. Not all of them made it, as to be expected with any entrepreneur. But the ones that did? Well, they did very well indeed…

So… Act 3: The here and now… Patrick became interested in philosophy some time back. And he has a vision for righting the wrongs (or false beliefs) that are packaged up and fed from the powers that be back to the American public.

He sees himself as a ‘disrupter’.

As a guy who blows the lid off commonly held beliefs and brings the REAL truth to bear. He’s already produced various docu-series and films that have provided us with what’s really going on with vaccines…

The down and dirty facts about GMOs… The truth about addiction…

And now…?

Well, it’s time to discover what most of pretty much DON’T really know much about – drum roll, please…… Money!

Enter ‘Money Revealed’, Gentempo’s latest offering, and one that’s certainly getting some rave reviews from those in the know…

Robert Kiyosaki Featured in Money Revealed

So why should you listen to Patrick Gentempo?

Once in a while, a person comes along who truly does want to bring about change.

Good change, that is—we’re not talking about dubious despots and dictators who only have numero uno at heart.

Dr. Patrick Gentempo is one of those guys.

He’s a man with principles… A man who’s not afraid to put himself out there… A man who’s prepared to work damn hard to achieve his goals…. And when he reaches them?

Well, yet another goal reveals itself, and off he goes again…

And Money Revealed is about what, exactly?

Well… That’s a whole other story.

But in brief, it’s a docu-series that brings together the wisdom of 36 self-made millionaires who’ve got there through every means you care to think of.

It’s about bringing powerful financial knowledge to the everyday person—to teach the mindset of the rich to all of us (and believe us, it’s very, very different to how most of us think).

There’s a huge amount of content, with advice on creating your own wealth from every income stream imaginable (stock market investing, real estate, enterpreneurialship, running your own business… You get the gist).

What qualifies Patrick Gentempo to give me advice about money?

Actually, he’s not—well, not in the obvious sense of the question (that’s down to the 36 other experts who’re part of the line-up of Money Revealed. But actually, Patrick himself is a pretty sharp cookie when it comes to finance, business, and everything to do with money.

Some of the Money Revealed Experts Include…

Money Revealed Experts

However… And this is so refreshing to understand… He doesn’t consider himself an expert.

In fact, he publicly stated that after every single interview carried out with the pros who are the star cast of Money Revealed, that he learned so much. SO much! In fact, so powerful and massive was the Intel he learned that he visited and re-visited each and every episode—OF HIS OWN PRODUCT…!

Now that, you have to admit, is the actions of one decent (and extremely savvy) guy…

The bottom line

We have to say, Patrick Gentempo is one of the good guys. And we certainly wouldn’t give that kind of praise lightly. He’s massively successful, but—if we can use the word without sounding too crass— he’s ‘humble’.

He radiates a rare type of humility that makes him instantly likable…

So… To answer our earlier question—should you listen to him? The $64 million dollar question…

Ultimately the choice comes down to you. But if you’re looking to take advice from a guy who really ‘gets it’ — who’s lived through ups and downs, and whatever life throws at him somehow manages to find a way to turn it to his advantage…? To a guy who has a genuine passion to see others make a success of their lives too…?

Then hell, yeah! You should listen to him. And that’s our honest, no bull opinion. You, of course, are perfectly at your liberty to disagree. But he certainly gets the thumbs up from us…

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