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how do i get this house ! grrrrrrr

by janncunha, Saturday, February 07, 2009, 07:20 (3759 days ago)

ok, so we are trying like heck to get this one house and the appraiser said it is in non-livable conditions. what in the world can we do to get the loan approved> everyone is kicking it back because it is considered non-livable. all it needs is a flipin heater, light fixtures, and to patch a piece of "roofing" that isnt even part of the roof, its part of the over hang on the back porch! PLEASE HELP! we really need to know what to do, is there some kind of adendum that we can do>

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  • how do i get this house ! grrrrrrr - janncunha, 2009-02-07, 07:20 [*]

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