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Do I still have a chance of avoiding foreclosure?

by foreclosureuniversity ⌂ @, Wednesday, June 03, 2009, 00:26 (3794 days ago) @ wjk9673

� My house has gone into foreclosure with the sheriff's sale set for June 11,
� 2009. I JUST found out today that we had/ have the option to do a short
� sale. I have NEVER even heard of a short sale, until today. Do I still
� have time to stop the sheriff's sale and do a short sale> Or did I miss my
� window of opportunity>

Typically the only way to postpone a sale is with a legitimate offer. So my question is, "Do you have an offer>" If so, you have a good chance on postponing the sale. This late in the game, I suggest you move quickly as that window is closing more and more each hour.

Good Luck

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