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CountrywideBofA says we are approved-but the docs never come

by NUB, Saturday, July 18, 2009, 10:21 (3592 days ago)

We applied for a workout from Countywide, which later became BofA, and are still waiting for documents after 5 months. The website says we are approved for a loan modification after we provided all the documents they asked for, and met with a financial counselor. The note on our loan that shows on the web says that a counselor will call, but none has, and its been nearly 5 months-and we have called them many times to no avail. Meanwhile, the costs of the loan continue to accrue on our loan, and we did send an escrow payment, and they returned it. We spoke to an attorney that said many of the servicers are merely backed up, and the fact that the services notes on our account that we have been approved is all that we should worry about. But we are afraid they will ask for the entire amount in arrears when they finally do call, which may be out of reach financially for us by then, especially since we are paying for medical costs and living expenses accrued after a catostrophic illness (heart transplant) where one of us was not working for a couple of years, but we are both now am back at work, and able to pay. Should we call our attorney and ask that he try to force them to provide documents now, or continue to be patient> Will they come after us for an amount we can't pay up front, and then just take our home>

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