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thinking of foreclosure

by sksports, Friday, September 11, 2009, 22:49 (3543 days ago) @ awee74

� me and my wife are thinking of foreclosure but our hardship is not
� financial, thank god, but our work is so far away. im averaging 3 hrs on
� the road per day. were looking for a new house and i dont know if were
� going to be approved. but if everything falls into place is forcloseure as
� easy as leaving your house and stop payment> we know about the impact on
� our credit score, credit cards and difficulty getting credit later but we
� heard that banks can go after your savings> how about 401K or IRA> can
� they get anything there>
� i also heard that your secong loan can get after you because its a "lien">
� and if ever we need to prove hardship, is long ways to work enough>
pls� advice

there are several different options and results depending on your loan and financial status..In answer to your question, yes if not done correctly..

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