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how long before we are kicked out

by drad5254, Wednesday, November 04, 2009, 18:49 (3604 days ago)

hi. me and my boyfriend were abandoned by his exstep mother. she left her house and informed us that she hasnt paid the mortgage since january. we are still in the house because we have no where to go. we have not gotten any notices of forecloser and she hasnt said anything about her getting notices either. she told us she is planing on going bankrupt. we are in dutchess county ny. we want to stay in the house as long as possible so that we can save as much as we can. so i have a few questions: how long after forecloser do we have to vacate the house> will they give us notice on when the house forecloses> will they give us notice when we have to leave> if the house forecloses do we have until the house is sold to leave> does her filing for bankruptcy change the situation at all> if the bank comes to the house what should i tell them> if the bank asks me to sign anything should i refuse> is there anything else i need to know> Thank you so much for any help you can give us.

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