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Mediation Order

by PSL7, Wednesday, November 11, 2009, 14:15 (3597 days ago)

I have an Order for Mediation from a St Lucie County judge on my foreclosure action - the Order was given on 9/23/09. I am the defendant. It was my motion for mediation that was granted. The Order states the bank (plaintiff) needs to place a formal request for mediation w/the Collins Ctr for Public Policy w/in 10 days of the Order. I contacted Collins Ctr today, 11/11/09, and they do not have a request from the bank to schedule mediation. The Order also states that failure to comply w/the order by the bank "will result in the dismissal of the case w/o further notice from the court". Do I/Should I file a motion for dismissal for nonperformance/compliance by the bank with the Order for Mediation> I have submitted 3 seperate loan mod requests to my lender in 2009, and to date, haven't had any resolution to my loan mod requests - not even a denial. They won't work w/me on a loan mod, so I had to file a mediation request. Now the court ordered it, and they still aren't acting to work w/me thru a Mediator. Thx in advance for any help/suggestions.

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