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Is it legal to offer a share of the profits to REA?

by CA.SantasHelper, Saturday, April 24, 2010, 19:28 (3630 days ago)

"Is it legal to offer a share of the profits to your Real Estate Agent involved in a Short Sale>".

Why would an investor do this>

1) I'm not greedy there's plenty of $$$ around in a short sale

2) It will incentivize an RE Agent to work with you in addition to all the other benefits they get (i.e. full commissions when available, no negotiating, no package to create, give them back time to do what they do best "sell homes")

Most banks only allow 2 to 2.5 percent commission on a short sale.

Suppose you market a short sale at $100K. You expected profit of $30K. The Listing RE Agent only gets at most $2,500 (I mean the Broker). The REA gets at most half of that $1,250.00. What if you could offer them 3 times that much $3,750.00 + $1,250.00 or $5K a full 5% What are the odds that the number of RE Agents you work with would increase>
You still walk away with $25K!

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