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Process server laws in Florida

by foreclosureuniversity ⌂ @, Tuesday, May 18, 2010, 18:19 (3604 days ago) @ prb

� Hi,
� Process server is trying to serve paperwork for foreclosure. I have some
� questions on the laws regarding serving in Florida.
� I'm in a gated / guarded community, are they allowed through the gate
� without my consent>
� Can they serve on weekends>
� Can they mail>
� Can they leave by front door, or do I have to physically take them /
� sign>
� Are they looking for me around town, i.e. know my car/license plate, etc.>

Pretty sure they can do just about anything to "serve" you the legal notice. They won't mail you the legal papers because the amount is above $5,000. If there is no other way to find you, they will start with where you work and move on from there. My suggestion is start thinking of ways to avoid the foreclosure auction by either a loan modification, a short sale, etc.

Good Luck

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