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request for default (Home Equity Lines of Credit)

by pcaraballo, Friday, December 13, 2013, 14:02 (2299 days ago)

We were living in condo 2005 took a line of credit 2006,requested for refinance denied short sale denied,ending up leaving the condo, foreclosed and everytime we pass i think they have a diffrent owner.we decided to leave bec people are always going in to check the condo while we were stll there,now living in an apt.we were in debt settelemnt after and i ask bout if we need to pay back line of credit from the condo we left he said no.we live in we recieved a letter for request of default from the home equity,our accountant told us to ignore it, but i m not sure,we cannot pay the amount we owe.can this end up garnishing our salaries?what can we do?

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