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Great Course.

by lonniewa, Sunday, March 27, 2005, 15:41 (5442 days ago)

I found your course to be great on the hoto of the mechanics of putting a short sale together. A good piece of work for the price.

I do have several questions that I need answer in order to fill comfortable doing the deals fom beginning to end. Can you please answer them for me>

1. What would be a good exit startegy if I hve horrible credit and no money>

2. If the owner does not want to give me the deed but is willing to sign a "power of Attorney" should i continue with the deal>

3. I only have one company. In your book you are using two companies. what do you recommend if you only have one company and do not want to use a straw Man>

Thank you ver much for any answers to these questions.

Lonnie Turner

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  • Great Course. - lonniewa, 2005-03-27, 15:41 [*]

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