Indiana Foreclosure Laws and Statutes | IN

Indiana Foreclosure is Judicial.

Foreclosure Judgment Rendered

Indiana foreclosure law states that if the court finds that the mortgaged real estate is residential real estate and has been abandoned, a judgment or decree of sale may be executed on the date the judgment of foreclosure or decree of sale is entered, regardless of the date the mortgage is executed.

A judgment and decree in a proceeding to foreclose a mortgage that is entered by a court having jurisdiction may be filed with the clerk in any county. After the period set forth expires, a person who may enforce the judgment and decree may file a praecipe with the clerk in any county where the judgment and decree is filed, and the clerk shall promptly issue and certify to the sheriff of that county a copy of the judgment and decree under the seal of the court.

Upon receiving a certified judgment, the sheriff shall, sell the mortgaged premises or as much of the mortgaged premises as necessary to satisfy the judgment, interest, and costs at public auction at the office of the sheriff or at another location that is reasonably likely to attract higher competitive bids. The sheriff shall schedule the date and time of the sheriff's sale for a time certain between the hours of 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on any day of the week except Sunday.

Indiana Foreclosure Notice of Sale

Before selling mortgaged property, Indiana foreclosure law states that the sheriff must advertise the sale by publication once each week for three (3) successive weeks in a daily or weekly newspaper of general circulation. The sheriff shall publish the advertisement in at least one (1) newspaper published and circulated in each county where the real estate is situated. The first publication shall be made at least thirty (30) days before the date of sale. At the time of placing the first advertisement by publication, the sheriff shall also serve a copy of the written or printed notice of sale upon each owner of the real estate.

Service of the written notice shall be made as provided in the Indiana Rules of Trial Procedure governing service of process upon a person. The sheriff shall charge a fee of ten dollars ($10) to one (1) owner and three dollars ($3) to each additional owner for service of written notice under this subsection. The fee is:
(1) a cost of the proceeding;
(2) to be collected as other costs of the proceeding are collected; and
(3) to be deposited in the county general fund for appropriation for operating expenses of the sheriff's department.

The sheriff also shall post written or printed notices of the sale in at least three (3) public places in each township in which the real estate is situated and at the door of the courthouse of each county in which the real estate is located. If the sheriff is unable to procure the publication of a notice within the county, the sheriff may dispense with publication. However, the sheriff shall state that the sheriff was not able to procure the publication and explain the reason why publication was not possible.

Sheriff's sale

A sheriff shall offer to sell and sell property on foreclosure in a manner that is reasonably likely to bring the highest net proceeds from the sale after deducting the expenses of the offer and sale.

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