Kentucky Foreclosure Laws and Statutes | KY

Kentucky Foreclosure is Judicial.

Kentucky forclosure law states that the complaint initiating a foreclosure action must be filed in a circuit court where the property is located. There is a filing of lis pendens. The notice of action is filed, and is sent to the defendant who obviously has an opportunity of respond, 21 days to be exact from the date of service. If no response, the plaintiff can move for a default judgment. A motion is then made for judgment. The judgment may be default judgment, summary judgment, or agreed judgment. Entry of judgment occurs, followed by advertising of sale.

Kentucky Foreclosure Notice of Sale

Advertising of sale occurs once a week for 3 straight weeks in a newspaper and must state the sum of money for which the sale is to be made. The property is sold on the courthouse steps.

Foreclosure Redemption Period

Kentucky forclosure law states that the seller has 12 months to redeem the property by paying the amount for which the property was sold, plus interest.

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