Gold Rush 2012 Preston Ely and Matt Wallace Review and Bonus

Preston Ely is at it again... this time he is literally flipping gold instead of houses and just launched his Gold Rush 2012 with Matt Wallace, a gold and silver expert. There is no better time than right now, in my opinion, to learn about the gold and silver business. Especially when gold is at the price it is today and has the potential to double and triple in value.

Why I Like Preston Ely's Gold Rush 2012

Preston Ely Gold Rush 2012Let me share with you a few reason why I like this product.

First, the product is outstanding. Preston has always put out great products to take real estate investors to a whole new level. The Gold Rush 2012 product is no different either. It's designed to take anyone to a level where they can make money, regardless if they know nothing about the gold business. The lessons are laid out very well and are very educational. I went through the whole training myself and was impressed with the knowledge that Matt has about the gold business. I guess if you make 1.1 million in 9 months, you might know a thing or two about buying gold and silver.

The support was incredible. Not only was I impressed with Matt and his knowledge of the business, but the support was outstanding. Most of time when products are released, you're always submitting support tickets if you have questions and usually you get someone from high school reading a script trying to answer your question or it never gets answered. Matt actually answers all the questions as they are posted in the comment sections of each lesson. It was very educational just reading all the questions and answers in the posts. Kudos to Matt for taking so much time answering all those questions.

Extremely low start up. I love this aspect of the business because you don't need a ton of capital to get started. You need a little bit to actually start buying the gold and silver, however Matt shares with you a few different ways to start buying gold with only a few bucks... then you need a few tools which will literally run you under $100. You need a gold/silver testing kit which are very inexpensive to test the purity of the gold and a scale so you can calculate your profit. Once you get up and running, then you can invest in a electronic tester which is much more expensive.

Buying program. Matt has a gold/silver/platinum buying company which will turn your gold into profit. It's not a refinery, but you'll get cash back within 24 hours which is a big deal when you're first starting out. Most refiners take 2 - 3 weeks before you get your money back and they have minimums. This can really slow down your business if your cash is tied up. And he pays a very fair price.

What Preston Ely's Gold Rush 2012 Product Includes

Gold Rush 2012 Review

  • 6-Module Video Training Course on "Flipping" Gold for Profit
  • 7-Step Quick Start Guide
  • Instant Gold Buying Website
  • Gold Profit Maximizer App
  • Forms & Paperwork
  • Mentoring From One of America's Top Gold Buyers for One Year

This video will show you the complete Gold Rush 2012 by Preston Ely and Matt Wallace

Tools For Buying and Selling Gold / Silver

Gold Rush 2012 Tools For Buying Gold

Here is a list of tools you'll need to buy and sell gold. Preston and Matt have put together a complete gold and silver tool buying kit in their Gold Rush 2012 product. Here is what it is included in this fully custom kit..

  • High-tech, portable 200 X 0.01 gram scale to weigh any gold, silver, or platinum item
  • Smooth chrome 200 gram calibration weight
  • The finest 10K, 14K, 18K, & 22K silver and platinum testing acids
  • Set of 5 gold test needles so that you can easily determine the karat weight of any piece of gold
  • Black glass economy test stone to double-check the karat weight of any gold, silver, or platinum item
  • 6-piece needle file set for shaping, smoothing, or sharpening any item
  • Bright white LED-lighted, chrome-finished 20x loupe for crystal-clear magnification of any precious metal or diamond item
  • Ultra-powerful rare earth magnet to expose items containing nickel or iron
  • Drop-dead simple, step-by-step instructions from Matt on exactly how to use all these tools & avoid common mistakes!

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