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Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron Dunlap Cameron Dunlap, who currently resides in New York, has been investing in real estate since 1992 after leaving his father's printing business. Although Cam was very successful in sales, he felt there was something missing. He did not like the idea of someone else shaping his life.

Late one evening, Cameron watched a "Nothing Down" infomercial that got him excited and it wasn't too much longer before he was working on his first deal. Little did Cameron Dunlap know that this deal would be the beginning of an extremely successful career as a creative real estate investor.

Within the first 2 years of Cameron's newly found passion, he owned millions of dollars of residential real estate. He was buying up apartments as well as single family homes. He would keep some and flip the others for quick cash. Cam became known as the "Transaction Technician" because of his ability to be creative and close deals.

Soon after, Cameron Dunlap found himself on the platform speaking in front of thousands of investors, groups and guests. He loves sharing his passion, his strategies and his energy to those who are looking to begin a career in real estate investing. His fun sense of humor, knowledge and expertise will captivate you and give you the necessary tools you'll need to start investing in real estate.

Cameron has perfected the foreclosure business with a real estate tool called iFlip. iFlip is a virtual, hands off real estate management software designed to help automate the finding process. It will find, train and manage unlimited bird dogs who can submit properties into the system for review. It also has a built in buyers list once the bird dogs find those deals.

He is also known for his cameron dunlap proof of funds and fund-a-flip where he becomes a key instrument in funding real estate transactions across the nation. He provides transactional funding for investors so they are able to close on deals. He's also created products like Cameron Dunlaps Vacant House Gold.

Today, Cameron is a full time real estate investor, husband and father who enjoys life and loves to have fun.

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