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Jarad Severe is a real estate investor, internet expert and entrepreneur. He began his investing career nearly 12 years ago while starting out as a student to Robert Allen. After a few years of shadowing his mentor, he landing his first real estate deal and the rest is history. Jarad has been investing in real estate ever since and also has a background in internet marketing.

In 2008, when the market took a turn, there have been a series of investment opportunities popping up everywhere. One of those opportunities is investing in rental properties. Because of the surplus of inventory on the market and the number of foreclosures, banks are literally overwhelmed. They are dumping properties for pennies which creates a huge opportunity for investors.

With the right relationships and contacts you can make a small fortune buying up houses for pennies, putting a little rehab into them and selling them as rental properties. There is certain criteria he looks for when investing in rentals. The location ( most important), the neighborhood, the rental market and the resale value. Once rehabbed and rent ready, these homes are worth about $60K but he sells them for around $45K. Most investors can expect 15% returns or more on these turn key properties that are rehabbed, rent-ready and cash flowing.

Jarad now provides a service for people who are looking to invest in rental properties but may not have the time or the know how. You can fill out a profile and tell him exactly what you are looking for.

Much like buying a car at the auction, you know exactly what you're getting for the price you want along with the monthly cash-flow you can expect in that area. Jarad explains exactly what he is doing, how you can do it, where he is investing and encourages you to go out and start investing in rentals TODAY.

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