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I just wanted to drop a quick email to let you folks know that after purchasing your Foreclosure course I am half way through the information and I am overwhelmed with excitement. You guys have made everything so simple that it's almost a joke!By this time next week I'm going to go out and apply everything that I have learned and I feel really confident that I am going to be a great success. I promise to email you with the results and laugh about how really easy it was. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this message. Have a great day! I know I will! Gratefully yours,
G Bologna, NY


Hey Jarad,
The information I bought from you about short sales and foreclosures has been the best and most helpful I've found thus far, and trust me..I've looked alot. Thanks.
M. Fairfield, OH
Chateau Management & Investment


Thanks for writing this material! You have indeed produced a step-by-step manual - often advertised, rarely delivered!
D. Dretske, WA
Real Estate Investor
Kira Trading Group


In Reply to: What are the best real estate books.... posted by Bob on January 22, 2005 at 21:57:13:

I really liked "The One Minute Millionaire" by Mark Hansen and Robert Allen; "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by Kyosaki; and "Real Estate Riches" by Dolf de Roos.

As for real estate technique specific books, I bought a complete foreclosures and short sale course on the internet. I'm getting ready to do my first short sale and was having trouble determining EXACTLY what paperwork needed to be completed and why. The course (4 books) that I bought was from and by a guy named Jared Severe (I had never heard of him before). It was four e-books. His "Short Sale Secrets of the Wealthy" is absolutely fabulous!!!! It contains no motivational materials and no ads for bootcamps, seminars, tutoring, or anything else he sells (I don't think he has anything else for sale). It is just a straight forward, step-by-step guide to doing a short sale and includes every form that you need in the order you need them. It also explains how to fill the forms out and why you are doing it!!!!!! EXCELLENT! This is exactly what I have found to be lacking in so many other books. Now, if I could ! just find a similar course on subject to!



The sequence of presentation is excellent. It is so easy to follow and you also give such great ideas for creativity and how important timing can be. I am in the mortgage business but I never had any idea on how to purchase a foreclosure. This is really the only manual you will ever need.
J. Bekolay, MI


I like the ease of use of the foreclosure books. The information is presented in straightforward language, particularly the text explaining how to acquire a property "subject to" an existing mortgage. The ebook explains what to do and not do. With this information I've completed my first foreclosure transaction, learned a lot and earned a nice profit as well.
K. Caruso, IL


To my surprise, the "Short Sale Secrets of the Wealthy" was all I needed to really understand this process of buying real estate. Everything is there!
X. Williams, FL


E. Hager, OH


The overall content of your foreclosure e books is better than information found in courses costing much, much more and easier for a novice to understand.
E. Evans, FL


It is a wealth of knowledge.
M. Forrester, SC


Foreclosure content was excellent and informative.
L. Hernandez, FL


I'm a newbie in real estate investing. The foreclosure ebooks gave me great advice on how to find foreclosures.
S. Gobert, GA


E. Profit, SC


Two months ago...if someone told me that I would have a deal going in real estate I would have told them they were crazy. I read the Foreclosure and Flippers books and started sending letters as a consultant to people whose homes were up for sheriff's auction. I received my first call from a gentleman that it turns out we couldn't help. The second call came from a man who is losing his house with no chance of saving it. I brought in an investor to buy the house and give my client some money to help him start over.
N. Donahue, OH


I have previously purchased many other books regarding realestate investments. (0 down, purchase property with a bad credit, forclosures etc.) Perhaps I'm not a very intelligent person. I have learned a lot but all of them were somewhat incomplete, I could't pull it through. With 0 down and no negative cash flow, it didn't make sense at all, I mean it doesn't work that way. 0 down or a little down, that means high mortgage payments. The rent will not cover the full mortgage payment. Finally, I read the book written by Mr. Jarad it opened my eyes, each line makes sense. I have a hope that I can do it too. The way this explains, I'm clearly understood that how I can purchase the property below market value and I can do whatever I wish to do. Either rent it out for a long term with a positive cash flow or flipp and put the large instant profit in my pocket. Other books give examples of how to avoid negative cash flow by hypothetical figures but it doesn't teach how to buy the actual properties below market value!!!
L. Nguyen, CA


The foreclosure ebooks are concise and clearly written. They make it easy to understand the subject. Thanks.
D. Prescott, AZ


The content described almost exactly the procedures used here in Hawaii, and allowed me to apply them almost directly without a lot of additional research and study. Also described were procedures that I know to be used in at least four other states that I have researched, so I can guess that they are fairly universal and could be applied anywhere. I also liked the estimate sheets and other forms included. After reading your Foreclosures and Flippers e-book and looking at the procedures here in Hawaii, I felt it was written just for me.
H kapolei, HI


I really like the step-by-step format and actual examples of letters, flyers, business cards, conversations, etc. that will be involved in a deal. Also, I like how you've given several ideas to accomplish the same goal. This makes it easier to enter this business picking the routes I'm most comfortable with.
M. Vaughan, ID


Your foreclosure book was very easy reading and very easy to understand. I'm new to this industry and I want to master it--after reading your book, my desire and motivation heightened! in fact I sent out 100 letters to pre-foreclosure sellers in my first week after reading it. I took immediate ACTION! Your book is very motivational in that it made me feel like, even though I'm new to this potentially very lucrative business--I can do it!
O. Alexander, CA


Great, simple and to the point information on buying distresses properties below market.
J. Grabsky, IL


Hi Jarad
Thanks for a great course.
T. Mendoza, CA


I purchased your Foreclosure and Short Sale Program about a year ago and have found it invaluable.
D. Lowman, CO
Hometown Properties of CO, LLC


I liked how you put together state statues. I have spent much time at a law library looking the law up and you had it all in one place. The cost of your book was cheaper than all the gas I spent and hours of not understanding how to read legal jargen and to make sure the information I was gathering was up to date and accurate. Thanks
R. Krueger, MI


First of all I was very skeptical because of the low price of your course. I was really bummed out because I missed a $1500 per seat short sale seminar from this famous big name guy. Then I saw your short sale course that had basicly all the same info without the fluff for about $1400 less! ( This just goes to show you that knowledge does not exsist in a vacuum) After several weeks while on vacation I I heard about a property that was in pre-foreclosure. After remembering the files on my laptop, I was able to read about what I needed to do, had a script that told me what to say and printed out forms for them to sign. The books even told me where to get additional info. The fact that a person can read this, say that, print the forms and close the deal from this little course is unbelivable! A person would have to be crazy not to order this. All it takes is a little courage and persistance. If need be "do it scared" is my motto. Thank you! Great stuff! Rock On!
J. English, TX


I recently purchased your Foreclosure Home Study Course and are overwhelmed of all of the information you have provided for the money...fantastic deal!
T. Dawson, OH


I recently bought your eBooks. I've been reading the "Short Sale Secrets of the Wealthy" and it's an excellent resource. It gives detail on HOW to do each step (ie: get the deed) where others just tell you to go and do it but don't tell you how. I'm particularly impressed with the detail you give to protecting yourself---other courses don't even address that.
J. Carter, NC


Thank you very much, I really do appreciate answering my question, you know before I saw your e book in the internet, somebody told me about the financial health coach and order their books thats worth $2500 I learned a little but it did not satisfy me, there still a lot of questions that needs to be answered, thats why i ordered you ebook, which is thats where i based a lot of my transactions and you answer my question direct to the point, financial health coach, I cant even ask one question they told to register for thier coaching program which is $25,000 a year membership, i dont know it just too frustrating and here you are answer my question and you only make less than $100 from me, thats why if your selling more ebooks about foreclosure tell me and I will buy it and I always refer you to all my friends here that doing the same business, I just feel like thanking you because you dont expect money to give out info, you sure are a blessed man. keep up the good work.
F. Deguzman, NV


I have purchased other Foreclosure E-Books, manuals, cds, and so far, yours is the most inforomative. Thank You.
I am ready for actions.
T. Le, CA


Hello Jared,
My husband and I ordered your ebooks 3 days ago and quickly read over them. I must say, we really like what we have seen! We have gone through pricey seminars, bought countless programs (audio and books) and have yet to come across one that really gives you info on the actual "HOW TO" of a short sale! Most of these "programs" are so vague and come no where near giving you an understanding of the process. Gosh I cannot tell you how frustrating this has been for us!! Here we are, wanting so badly to learn and begin to earn in the real estate business, but have had absolutely NO help in the education process! SO.....thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!
H. and J. Russell, TX
Alliance Property Solutions


Hey Jarad,
I have to say your short sale book is awesome. I bought it, I think a couple of years ago...
L. Hoffman, OH
LJH Investments, LLC


Hi Jarad,
My name is Angela and I recently purchased your course (try yesterday) as real estate investing has been a dream of mine for a very long time. I have read many many books and watched countless dvds etc and now after reading your materials (which made everything so much easier to understand by the way so thanks very much for that!!) I am ready to hit the ground running.
Angela N. TX


Hi Jared,
Thank you for the well written and very informative "Short Sale Secrets Of the Wealthy". This book has really opened our eyes to the opportunities in Short Sales.
W. Chakua, MN


First I would like to say great job on presenting such informational material. Although I have not yet completed a Short Sale Deal, I have learned so much from your course. This doesn't exemplify a testimony as of yet, but I would highly recommend any new foreclosure investor to your course.
M. Taylor, Member
Taylormade Home Solutions, LLC


Mr. Severe, I recently purchased your material (ebook: under the customer name of G. Conedy) for Short Sales..."Secrets of the Wealthy". Simply outstanding stuff. You should be commended.
Your student and happy customer
G. Conedy, CA


Hi Jarad,
I ordered your Fortunes in Foreclosures package. The best information I have found thus far on how to do "Short Sales" I have spent thousands of dollars and have even sent some of the materials I purchased (yes the more expensive ones) back because it did not give me the information I was looking for. Than I came across your website and read one of your tesimonials and I purchased your package right then. I'm so gald I did as I was in the middle of doing a short sale and needed more information that the expensive packages I had just purchased did not even offer. I really do appreciate the materials you have put together.
D. Whitacre
Best Buys Realty


Thank you for the information.

I purchased your e-book on Short Sales a few months ago and just wanted you to know that the information is priceless. Thank you.
DeAnne James


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