Bought a home through USDARuralDevelopement. We have our property taxes deferred because we are over 62. Can we be “forgiven” one time on all we owe?

November 4th, 2009 by Jarad

Question: my x husband and I bought a home through USDARuralDevelopement program. We have our property taxes deferred because we are over 62. My question is one of us cannot afford the payment. We were told by a RE Agent that we can be “forgiven” one time on all we owe? Is this true? and as far as the property taxes can our Social Security be garnished?

Answer: – Yes, there is such a program called Senior Citizens Tax Deferral Program and like everything else you must meet certain criteria in order to qualify, like Age, Income and how long you’ve Owned the home. And as far as I understand it does not eliminate your property taxes, it only lowers the amount you have to pay in property taxes and “defers” the rest. Each state may have different qualifications so you may want to contact the Property Tax Division in your state to get more info on it.

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