Eben Pagan Guru Product Blueprints Bonus

July 5th, 2012 by Jarad

Eben Pagan Guru Product Blueprints

Eben Pagan’s guru product blueprints bonus
is Now Live…

You Must Act Immediately to Secure Your Guru Product Blueprints Bonus Package.

Read through everything below, grab your access to Guru Product Blueprints, email us with your order number and we will give you access the following Guru Product Blueprints bonus package…

Discover Our Ultimate Guru Product Blueprints Bonus Package


Guru Product Blueprints Bonus #1 – iPad 2 ($399 Value)

Guru Product Blueprints Bonus 1

Having an brand new iPad 2 to check your sites stats, run your newly created Apps, read your books and just plain have fun with is a must. EVERYONE who purchases Guru Product Blueprints through our link will receive a brand new iPad 2. No drawings, No if you’re lucky stuff… Everyone. We have ordered these directly from the Apple online store and will mail it from our office directly to your doorstep. You’ll also qualify to receive all of our extra bonuses below.

Guru Product Blueprints Bonus #2– Email Drop ($1,000 – $5,000 value)

Guru Product Blueprints Email Drop

This bonus is designed to help you make money IMMEDIATELY once your product is finished. I have decided to promote your product to one of my lists and YOU get to keep ALL the profits. You could easily make your money back you put into this training and then some. I have made hundreds of thousands with my lists and all I need is good, strong offers to promote, which is what you’ll be learning from Eben’s Program. These lists are extremely targeted so we’ll use one that fits your niche.

Guru Product Blueprints Bonus #3– Affiliate Networks ($Priceless)

Guru Product Blueprints Bonus 4

Our affiliate bonus is something we usually keep a lid on, but today I’ve decided to really help take your product to a whole new level. And when I say, “WHOLE NEW LEVEL” I’m not kidding. I will test your product with our top affiliate networks and when your product converts like I think it will, we’ll help you generate thousands of leads. With Eben on your side, I’m very excited because I know you have the blueprints to create an amazing product.

Now, keep in mind this is much different then JV affiliates. By all means, I want you to use Eben’s training to attract awesome affiliates. Networks are a whole new ball game and where you can make a ton more from your product.

The key is creating an awesome product that people want, which is exactly what you’ll be learning from Eben’s Guru Product Blueprints. Once you’ve created your product, let us drive the traffic to your offer.

Guru Product Blueprints Bonus #4– 30 Days of FREE Coaching ($1,000 value)

Guru Product Blueprints Free Coaching

I wasn’t sure if I was going to add this or not, but then I realized when running an offer, there are lots of “little” things and tweaks you can do to increase your sales and conversions. You need someone with experience to talk to if you want to do this right. This bonus is designed to help you optimize your offer so we can increase sales. We’ll be available to you via email for the first 30 days of the program although I’m sure we’ll be on the phone a lot too once we start pushing your product.

The Only Way To Get Our Ultimate Guru Product Blueprints Bonus Package is to Join ‘Guru Product Blueprints’ Through Our Link

complete guru product blueprints training

Ok here’s what to do..

1. Clear Your Cookies ==> Learn How Here

2. Buy Guru Product Blueprints through my link.

3. Send your receipt and name to support at foreclosureuniversity.com (replace at with @) with and the subject “Guru Product Blueprints Bonus”

4. Don’t refund and enjoy Eben’s Guru Product Blueprints program.


P.S. DO NOT DELAY… time is of the essence with this one and you don’t have long.

P.P.S… Any Questions? Send me an email at support at foreclosureuniversity.com (replace at with @) or Give me a Call at (801) 900-37 three six

Terms: Your purchase must be attributed to us to get your bonuses. Make sure you clear your cookies and click on our links. We will be giving away 1 iPad for every person that buys through our link. In order to protect ourselves, you will receive your physical bonuses after the refund period is over. If you refund your Guru Product Blueprints purchase you don’t qualify for our bonuses.

Eben Pagan Guru Product Blueprints Review

His Guru Product Blueprints is absolutely amazing if you are looking to develop and create your own products. He says this is his best work yet and I believe it. If you haven’t watched his training videos you should.

Don’t forget, just for participating, Eben is giving about 4 iPads and 1 MacBook Pro for the best submissions on the exercises.

Here is what his training looks like –

First you will spend 10 full weeks of live training with Eben and his team. On these training calls you will learn everything about creating and developing new products as well as knowing the perfect recipe of exactly what people want and what you should include in your package. Eben has mastered this with all the different products he has created and has made hundreds of millions promoting these products.

Wake Up Productive Home Study CourseAs part of Guru Product Blueprints, you will also spend 3 days with him, virtually, at a bootcamp where you will get to see him put together a new product right before you eyes. You will be able to watch him create this new product that is entirely in a new niche. He will create videos, edit videos, content, everything that he uses to create a million dollar product.

Eben is also sending you his top 6 products that have made him millions. You will be able to see what’s in each product so you can see how each product follows the exact same blueprint. You will be able to use the products as resources when creating your own products.

Now if you thinking whether or not Eben Pagan’s Guru Product Blueprints training program is for you because you’ve never had any experience with product creation, not to worry. Eben and his team are creating two different types of training programs. One for those who are just getting started and one of those who are more advanced. This way, no matter what level you are at, you will be able to get the most out of the training.

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