Real Estate Match Maker Review – Preston Ely

April 13th, 2013 by Jarad

The Honest Real Estate Matchmaker Review – Preston Ely

Preston Ely Match Maker ReviewWe decided to go ahead and write a real estate match maker review because of all the buzz going on about Preston Ely’s real estate match maker software.  There are some really good things that we like about real estate matchmaker and some not so great things.  It will be important to read this real estate match maker review to the end so you can determine for yourself if this program is right for you.

Preston Ely is not new to the world of real estate by any means.  He’s created some great training programs that have helped real estate investors use their time more effectively.  During his first year as a real estate investor, Preston made his fortune assigning contracts.  He would find motivated sellers who wanted to get rid of their home, get them under contract and assign that contract to another investor.  His profit was between $1000 and $10,000 per deal.

Watch the full video here

The beauty of this strategy is that he didn’t need any money because he was assigning contracts.   After a few years of success, as all entrepreneurs do, they start to think of ways to make the process easier.  This is when he launched FreedomSoft.  FreedomSoft is a real estate platform that manages real estate deals and makes life easier for real estate investors.  He created tools within FreedomSoft that help investors be more successful in real estate.

One of those tools is Real Estate Match Maker.  Because of his early success, Preston wanted an easy way  to “match” up motivated sellers with motivated buyers.  Instead of focusing in one little area, he needed to expand nationwide.  So he created a software program that would find all the distressed properties that were on the market.   Then he created the software so it would find buyers for these properties and match them together.  Real Estate Match Maker became part of the FreedomSoft software.

Watch The Real Estate Match Maker Software in  Action

What’s Do You Get With Real Estate Match Maker?

Real Estate Match Maker Review

Here’s what the Real Estate Match Maker Includes:

  • Real Estate Match Maker Software
  • 7 step quick start guide
  • Members only community forum
  • Live monthly tele coaching
  • Free software upgrades
  • 2 Event tickets
  • Unlimited License

Pro’s and Con’s to Match Maker

The software itself is pretty amazing.  When you login, you’ll be able to search and find a ton of distressed properties that you can pick up for dirt cheap.  However, just because they are dirt cheap, doesn’t mean they are bargains.  There are things to consider like neighborhoods, taxes and war zones.  The good news is that usually you can call someone (agents) to get that  information or see pictures in some cases.  Most buyers are aware of these things and so it can be tough to assign a contract in a war zone.  So you have to do your due-diligence.

On the buyer side of things, again the software does an amazing job finding all the cash buyers who have recently purchased properties with cash.  These are usually landlords and investors.  The perfect people you are targeting to assign these contracts to.  It’s shows their latest cash purchase and where the property is located which means you see an investor who is targeting a certain area and you happen to find a home in that area, you have a great chance of being a match maker for that specific deal.  Unfortunately, the data doesn’t show their email or phone number, but you can get that online if you google it.   The software automates the process anyway, so it’s not a big deal.

If you have your own buyer list, it can be uploaded as well which can be very beneficial.   You can send out great deals to your own buyers list.  Find out exactly what they want, then let the software find it for you and you make a nice profit being the real estate match maker.

So if you have done any kind of real estate in the past or presently do real estate, you need to check it out.  If you’ve tried real estate in the past and it didn’t work for you, this is your chance to get in and make it work this time.  If you’ve purchased other real estate training programs in the past and have never done anything with it, you might want to save your money because chances are you won’t do anything with this either.

We wrote this real estate match maker review to help you get a better understanding of the product and help you determine if it’s right for you.  The product is fantastic and can save you a ton of time which is why we recommend this product.

Watch the Full Video Training Here.

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5 Responses to “Real Estate Match Maker Review – Preston Ely”

  1. Martin Welk Says:

    One of my main question is, Is this program available and applicable to Canadians??

  2. Jarad Says:

    Yes, real estate matchmaker is based on the concept of simply assigning contracts. You can do that anywhere.

  3. Jessika Says:

    Is realestatematchmaker the same program as freedomsoft? I see two different sites and monthly fees.

  4. Jessika Says:

    What is the difference between real estate matchmaker and freedom soft?

  5. Jarad Says:

    Jessika, it’s the same software.

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