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Brian Page BNB Formula Review

July 31st, 2019 by Jarad

I’m excited you’re here because you’ve been researching and seeing a lot of reviews and information on Brian Page’s Airbnb formula, but you’re having a hard time deciding whether or not to pull the trigger.

Brian Page Airbnb FormulaI mean EVERYONE is going to tell you how perfect this business is…

But what about in the real world.

Does this work? Is this for real? Is it easy to get started? Can I make money with this in my area? What is Brian providing that I can’t figure out on my own?

Well, I’m going to be very frank here.

This product is NOT for everyone…

And I’ll explain why in just a minute.

Before you even think about buying Brian’s program, you need to read this whole page.

Here’s why.

It might save you a lot of money and headache plus allow you to make a smarter decision.

What qualifies me to make these statements?

I’m a real estate investor. Have been for a long time. I have rentals of my own.

That makes this a REAL review not some hyped up review trying to get you to just buy the product.

Most of you by now know what Airbnb is and have most likely stayed in one.

They are all over the country. There is even one in a small community I live close to with a population of 100.

So it’s safe to say, Airbnb is not going away…

In fact, more and more people are finding it very attractive and an alternative way of making some extra income.

So yes, it does work and it’s real. It does work in every state across the US and you’ll see it continue to grow.

Even though Airbnb works and you can make a successful business out of it, you also need to do your due-diligence first and consider a few things….

But before we get into those, let’s dig into the Airbnb formula for a bit…

What is Airbnb Formula?

Airbnb Formula package

Now, if you’ve watched the webinar already, Brian talks about how to build a multi-property Airbnb business without the need to own the property. Those who may not know how this is done, it’s done through leasing from other owners. Most of them being landlords.

Brian’s BNB Formula is a progressive training structure that combines online training along with LIVE group coaching and teaches students how to build a 6 or 7 figure Airbnb business..

So if you haven’t watched the webinar, you need to watch it. You can watch it here.

Quick Overview of what’s included in BNB Formula:

8 weeks of online training. Made up of over 80 step-by-step video tutorials, these 8 masterclasses walk students through the process of how to locate and list their first property within 30 days. At the end of 60 days, students have found their second or third listing.

The focus is all about automating and outsourcing as much as possible. This is a key component. By doing so, BNB business owners can spend more time acquiring more listings.

Brian also teaches how it can be done without owning a single property. He shows you how to get property owners (landlords) to allow you to list their properties on Airbnb.

The BNB Formula program is for both newbies and for experienced Airbnb hosts. Hosts who may already have one or two listings but want to create a LARGE business on Airbnb.

Done-For-You Tools and Templates – These are quick and easy downloadable, printer friendly, fill-in-the-blank forms students can use on demand to build their Airbnb business.

Deep Dive Video Series – This is a separate training on creative ways to build an Airbnb business.

Tip of the Day Video Series – This is a peek behind the scenes of Brian’s own Airbnb listings Students can see inside his properties, what they look like, and tricks to set up profitable listings.

BNB Empire Checklists – Students can use a checklist on every major step of the business to make sure they are always moving forward in the right direction and never get lost.

Property Profits Calculator – This is a free tool that can analyze any property instantly and provide you an estimated monthly and yearly cash-flow potential one can earn on Airbnb listing.

Coaching Call Vault – 12 months’s worth of recorded calls of every live training, guest interviews, and a successful 6 figure Airbnb student interview along with all of Brian’s monthly coaching calls. Students can watch or listen to these at anytime.

Lifetime Course Membership & Updates – Content is added almost weekly. Students get lifetime access to the training program as well as FREE updates to all future content and materials as they are added to the training course.

SPECIAL BONUS: 12 Months LIVE Coaching Calls – Students get ONE YEAR of LIVE Group Coaching Calls which are extremely helpful. On these calls, students can ask any questions they have throughout their first year in business. They can also listen to interviews with industry experts, and hear from BIG Airbnb earners LIVE every single month.

Brian has gone through some extensive work to provide students with all the necessary tools to begin a successful Airbnb business.

So what about the due-diligence I was referring to earlier.

Well, as with any real estate deal, location is extremely important. Depending on the location of the property, you will get higher rent and a higher occupancy rate. Remember, if you’re leasing this property from someone, you’ve got to make sure you’re covering your expenses.

Brian actually has a tool that will help you analyze the rents and occupancy for your area. Or you can do some research on your own…

How many other Airbnb’s are in your same area? How much do they charge? What is the condition?

Go to Airbnb’s website. Go to your area and search the existing places to stay. Now you know what your competition is like and what you can charge.

You can also look at Mashvisor to give you solid analytics in your area.

After reviewing the BNB Formula, I feel it’s not for everyone. While the material is not new by any means, Brian has done a great job organizing the content to teach ANYONE how to build an Airbnb business from the start or those who want to scale an existing BNB business can learn how to do so effectively.

If you’re the type who likes to do a lot of research and spend a lot of time on real estate forums, yes, you can find this information there.

However, when I start a new business, I like to look at it from a different perspective… I look at it like this…

How much money am I losing each day my business is not active?

Doesn’t matter what business it is.

If I can pay to learn from someone else in half the time, I know I will actually be ahead in the long run… not to mention the costly mistakes I’d make and headaches figuring it out on my own.

Now if you’re on a shoe-string budget and time is not an issue, you can visit some of the more popular real estate forums and start asking lots of questions.

Those of you who want to accelerate the learning curve, I’d highly recommend Brian’s BNB Formula. Overall, he’s done a great job compiling all the information you’ll need to build a great business.

He even has all the forms you’ll need and you get to see examples.

One of the other nice benefits of the training is learning from others who are already in the business. You can learn a ton from them and their experiences.

So if you’re new to this Airbnb business, I’d highly recommend.

If you have an existing Airbnb business, you’re probably good.

If you have an existing Airbnb business but looking to scale and add more properties through leasing, I’d highly recommend.

The best thing to do now is go to Brian’s site and watch the full presentation and make the decision yourself.

Go here to watch the webinar.

Hope this helps,

Here’s the link to get started.


P.S. They also offer a 30 day risk-free guarantee which means you can get your money back if you decide AirBnB business is not for you.

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