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Automating the Foreclosure Investing Process

July 21st, 2012 by Jarad

Looking to Automate the Foreclosure Investing Process?

Look no further if you trying to automate the foreclosure investing process. You’re about to DEMO iFLip, A complete hands off virtual real estate money making system… one of the only applications of it kind. Specifically designed to help ANY investor save time and do more deals.

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Fast Cash With Foreclosures Review – Cameron Dunlap

March 7th, 2012 by Jarad

Fast Cash With Foreclosures Review – Cameron Dunlap

So you probably just finished a Webinar or you’re researching Cameron Dunlap products and you’re looking for an *HONEST* Fast Cash With Foreclosures review.

We’ll you’ve come to right spot because I’ve used the system extensively and I can tell you what you can expect from Cameron’s Fast Cash With Foreclosures program.

I would encourage you to read this whole review because what I show you might not be what you expected…

Who is Cameron Dunlap?

Cameron DunlapCameron Dunlap started his investing career back in the early 90’s when he watched the late night infomercial of the “No Money Down” system from Carlton Sheets. Immediately when he saw that infomercial, he knew he could do it. Within the first 2 years of his investing career, Cameron had amassed several millions worth of real estate and as they say, “the rest is history”.

His success in real estate grew so much that within 2 years of starting, Carlton Sheets was inviting Cameron to speak in front of his audiences to teach them what he was doing. His unique approach to real estate and “out of the box” creative techniques caught fire among other real estate professionals and soon Cameron was speaking on stage for multiple groups. To this day Cameron speaks on stage to multiple groups throughout the U.S.

His passion for real estate landed him where he is today, but more than anything he loves to help people succeed in what he believes is the Best Opportunity On Earth… Real Estate.

Which is why he created Fast Cash With Foreclosures – A complete step by step guide to making fast cash profits by flipping foreclosures

What is Fast Cash With Foreclosures?

Fast Cash With Foreclosures is the ultimate training program that anyone can use to flip houses regardless of money or credit which basically means anyone can do it once they have the knowledge.

One of the first things to flipping houses is actually finding the deals to begin with. Most people will spend the majority of their time looking for deals, which Cameron was no different. Not only was this very time consuming, it’s very inefficient too. So he decided to do something about it.

This is when iFlip was born. iFlip automated the whole finding process by leveraging other people to find the deals for you. It keeps track of the deals, the “bird doggers” (these are people who find the deals), it pays the bird dogs, it’s like you having a virtual secretary so you can focus your efforts somewhere else.

But he didn’t stop there…

As real estate evolved throughout the years and banks became stricter on their standards, he found ways to make it possible for anyone to be successful in real estate regardless of their situation.

      – He knew investors would need Proof of Funds which shows the bank you have money to close on the deal
      – He knew investors would need Real Funds to fund the first transaction to they can flip to the end buyer
      – He knew investors would need Cash Buyers to buy these deals
      – He knew investors would need Full Time Support
    – He knew investors would need Ongoing Training beyond manuals and cd’s because real estate changes daily

See when Cameron first got started in real estate, he had to figure things out on his own. What he is providing is information and tools that will make investing in real estate easier based on his personal experiences that he faces TODAY.

And that’s what Fast Cash With Foreclosures is all about – helping people succeed in real estate.
Fast Cash With Foreclosures Review
Here is what the program includes…

  1. Unlimited (Deal Specific) Proof Of Funds Letters
  2. He Funds Your Deals With His Money – This is Huge!
  3. iFlip – Your Personal Secretary. This includes 3 months free hosting, support and enchancements
  4. Cam’s Cash Buyer Data Feed – including 90 day feed, tech support and enhancements
  5. “Fast Cash With Foreclosures” Home Study Course. This homestudy course comes with Manual as well as Audio CDs
  6. “The Purchase and Sale Agreement, Line-By-Line” – 2 Audio CDs.
  7. A 90 Day membership to “Inner Circle” where you’ll receive Personal Mentoring directly from Cam
  8. Twice Monthly Deal Maker Webinars On the 1st and 3rd Monday of the Month jump on this webinar for in-depth nuts and bolts training sessions. There is never any selling during these webinars.
  9. Unlimited Support From Me Personally Submit your questions directly to me for discussion and training on my Deal Maker Webinars. (The Questionbank opens the Friday before the webinar for question submission)
  10. Searchable Knowledgebase Access to an extensive knowledgebase covering everything from A to Z on making your real estate deals work.
  11. Audio Archive (Over 4 Years!) This is Awesome!
  12. Offer Generator Just plug in the numbers for a property and let the system show you whether you should walk away or make an offer. It will even show you the maximum allowable offer that you can make so you can make the most money on your deal.
  13. Cameron’s Private REO Vault – Get access to the same resources and websites that Cameron personally uses to locate all of his REOs.

Alright, now that you’ve seen what’s in the package, you probably want to know if it works right?

Well it does and it works well when you put the effort into it like any other business. The cool part is that Cam has every tool you need that will help you in the process.

First you create 3 websites using his “already created” templates.

The first website is used to attract and send your bird-dogs to. Cam has a proven way to generate hundreds of bird dogs, although usually you end up with 3 maybe 4 that actually send you deals consistently. This website trains them what to look for and then they submit the home for you to approve. Once approved by your standards, you will pay the bird-dog or house hunter that sent you the deal(s). Don’t worry, it’s not much, in fact it’s 10x less than if you were to drive around looking for these deals and that doesn’t include your time. You’ll be paying your bird dog $10 – $20 per lead automatically through iFlip.

Then you’ll use his formula to know exactly where you need to be to purchase the home, leaving enough profit for the end buyer, which is usually a rehabber. So you’re strategy is to buy low and sell low. Then you’ll use Cam’s proof of funds letter to send in with your all cash offer. Yep, it’s all cash because you’re going to use Cam’s cash to fund the transaction up to $600,000. Banks love all cash offers.

The 2nd website, again pre-built, is for your buyers. It’s important to start building a buyers list. Now if you’re just starting out, your buyers list won’t be very big, but don’t worry, Cam’s been building a nationwide buyers list over the past 5 years that you will be able to access and announce your deal. Along with this is access to a CASH BUYER data feed that shows all the cash buyers in your area that have purchased a property recently. Cam shows you exactly who to target on this list.

Once you have your buyer lined up, and don’t be surprised if you have back up buyers, Cam uses his money to fund the first transaction between you and bank. Then immediately after, your end buyer will close with you and you keep the difference.

Now some of you might be thinking, well this sounds great but I’ve heard about seasoning issues and lender restrictions. How does this effect my success today.

Well, Cameron didn’t get his name of “transaction technician” for sitting around. He is extremely creative and here is a good example of how to avoid lender restrictions.

The third website is for sellers who are motivated to sell their home. They will be able to submit their property on your site for you to evaluate and come back with an offer.

Is Fast Cash With Foreclosures right for you?

Now that you’ve seen the whole Fast Cash With Foreclosures training program, you’re probably wondering if this is right for you?

Here’s what I recommend…

==> Watch The Full Training Video Here

If you are looking for a proven system with one of the best trainers in the industry who continues to invest in real estate and continues to overcome obstacles that prevent investors from making money, I highly recommend this program. This is why I created this Fast Cash With Foreclosures Review, because so many people need this.

If you have bad credit and/or no money, you’re going to need funding from someone anyway, might as well have someone who is an investor help you with your transactions. Cam is top notch, he treats his students like they are family and will bend over backwards to help you anyway possible to make money in real estate. His support team is incredible and will help answer questions when you get stuck or need that extra explanation.

He’s set it up so you can do this part time because you’ll have other people working for you. Now, with that said, if you are just curious about the real estate business, there are lots of other programs out there that you can invest in that will teach you the basic of wholesaling. If you are NOT an action taker, this will not work for you because it does require you to do something.

Here’s the best part…

Cameron only charges a deposit of $1000.00 that gets returned to you after your first deal. It encourages new students to get going and take action.

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Cameron Dunlap Fast Cash With Foreclosures

Foreclosure University “New Product” – iFlip

August 11th, 2010 by Jarad

Hey Everyone,

Jarad here with some exciting news…

A good friend of mine, Cameron Dunlap, and I just launched a new product. The reason I am so excited is because the product is absolutely incredible. Especially for anyone who is looking to cash their very first paycheck or more of them…

Because of the market meltdown, many people have been hesitant to buy and sell real estate right now because they are afraid they may not be able to sell the property or they believe it requires their own personal credit or money to land a paycheck.

I’m here to tell you that this is the WORST time to quit or stop investing. Deals are all over if you just know where to look. And there are ways to invest where you don’t risk your credit or income, plus with this new product, it will do most of the work for you.

You can check it out if you’d like…

Also if there is anything you are struggling with out there I want to know about it . Or if there is something that would help you or you want to learn more about, let me know so I can help make your investing experience a better one.

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