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March 5th, 2013 by Jarad

Preston Ely Freedomsoft 4Preston Ely’s FreedomSoft 4 Review is here. This review is mainly for new users who want to experience a whole new level of real estate investing. The reason why this is for NEW users is because everyone that had FreedomSoft 3 was automatically upgraded a few weeks ago and I can tell you that the upgrades are AWESOME! Before we get to the upgrades, let me tell you about FreedomSoft 4 and what kind of real estate software Preston has created.

First and foremost, this software isn’t for everyone and I’ll tell you why in just a moment…<

Quick Update… Freedomsoft 5 is now available. Find out what the differences are below.

For anyone that doesn’t know Preston Ely, he’s a real estate investor and visionary who finds ways to make the investing experience easier, faster and automated. It’s what all real estate investors want because they can spend less time and make more money. With FreedomSoft 4 it’s no different. Preston’s FreedomSoft 4 is designed to manage and automate much of the busy work, plus help you sell more houses, quicker and easier.

There are several pieces to the management software which provide huge benefits to those who are looking to make some extra cash investing in real estate.

Freedomsoft 4 Review

Here is what the software does:

  • Manages all your Buyers, Sellers, Lenders and Contacts. This is a great organizational feature.
  • Access to thousands of motivated sellers across the nation
  • Access to a database of landlords, investors and CASH BUYERS
  • Point and CLick website builder to attract motivated sellers and buyers
  • Direct mail generator with 44 PROVEN, written postcards and letters to send to homeowners in distress
  • Built in autoresponder and followup and broadcast system for easier communication
  • REAL virtual appraising system – not like zillow
  • Virtual whiteboard to keep track of your deals
  • Maps to see the property and Calculators to determine what to offer
  • Contract Generators for auto filling Purchase and Sale agreements
  • Short sale packages on file. One click fax and emailing or outsource to a team of experts and still get paid
  • Leverages social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and 17 others to sell houses
  • Reporting in all areas of the business
  • 30 days of personal handholding to learn the ins and outs of the business

If you’re just starting out as an investor, I can honestly tell you that this is EVERYTHING you want to make wholesaling properties as easy as possible. I mean Preston has thought of everything. One of the challenges investors face right now when they wholesale properties is finding a buyer. There is so much red tape involved with conventional lending that right now we are seeing a huge push for CASH BUYERS. They are like gold in this business and are treated that way. This Cash Buyer Database alone is HUGE because it gives the investor confidence that he can sell a property once it’s found.

The FreedomSoft software has been around for several years and has made some improvements along the way. When Preston first launched FreesomSoft several years ago, it had a price tag of $3000. Now he is letting everyone try it Free for 30 days.

For those that might be wondering what those improvement were from FreedomSoft 3 to 4 here they are…

  • – New site design. Looks tons better and much more user friendly. The new dashboard area allows users to really customize it to their needs to focus on growing their business. Users are able to see the community and the important tasks at hand to stay on task. The great thing about the community is that you can network with other investors across the country. Partner on deals, ask questions, find buyers for out of state investments… Great great tool for leveraging others knowledge and information to make your investing experience better
  • – You can now assign tasks to people on your team, send reminders, etc
  • – All the marketing has been moved to one section – this consists of leads, cash buyers, private lenders, the offer bot, direct mail and email broadcasts
  • – There is a new properties tab which allows the user to put more properties in the FreedomSoft system and out to the prospective buyers
  • – Students can now list their properties on the whiteboard area which is great because it’s a way to advertise your deals to other investors
  • – The classroom has changed a bit too. It’s a lot more convenient in that the videos can be downloaded and watched or listened to when the time is convenient
  • Is FreedomSoft 4 for Everyone?

    So now you’re probably wondering if this is something for you. There is a TON of money to be made right now in the wholesaling business. Preston has truly put together all the necessary tools to help investors succeed in this business. Here’s the biggest challenge… people not taking action. You can’t expect to flip deals when no effort is put forth to find properties and make offers. If you don’t make offers, you won’t cash any paychecks. So if you’re the type of person that doesn’t take action, this won’t work for you. The system gives you all the tools and resources, but you have to implement. If you’re a doer, then you will absolutely LOVE this software.

    This is a great product and hope this review has helped. We created this Freedomsoft 4 review because we like the product, we like the guy behind the product and know you’ll be successful once implemented in your business.

    Freedomsoft 5 has now just been released to the public. It includes everything that was mentioned earlier with even now more tools and better interface that is more user friendly and a lot quicker. Preston is offering a free trial to the software for a short time so you can test it out. As long as the link works below, you can still try it out.

    Click Here for your free trial of Freedomsoft 5.

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    4 Responses to “FreedomSoft 4 Review – Preston Ely”

    1. Roderick Wright Says:

      Having trouble signing up for the 30 day free trial.
      Once I select my plan the next page will not accept my input.

    2. Jarad Says:

      Roderick, if you wait a few more weeks, FreedomSoft 5 is coming out and Preston has added some new, very useful features that will make it even better.


      I had problems signing up for the30 day free trial. It would not accept my password and username to log in.

    4. Jarad Says:

      I would send an email directly to

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