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FreedomSoft 4 Review – Preston Ely

March 5th, 2013 by Jarad

Preston Ely Freedomsoft 4Preston Ely’s FreedomSoft 4 Review is here. This review is mainly for new users who want to experience a whole new level of real estate investing. The reason why this is for NEW users is because everyone that had FreedomSoft 3 was automatically upgraded a few weeks ago and I can tell you that the upgrades are AWESOME! Before we get to the upgrades, let me tell you about FreedomSoft 4 and what kind of real estate software Preston has created.

First and foremost, this software isn’t for everyone and I’ll tell you why in just a moment…< […read more]

REO Rockstar Review by Preson Ely – Honest and *Real*

July 20th, 2012 by Jarad

From the Mac Pro of Jarad Severe
Location: Underground Testing Lab (ie my home office)
About: REO Rockstar (by Preston Ely)

Preston Ely Reo Rockstar ReviewSo I know you’ve been hearing a ton about Preston Ely and REO Rockstar.

And you might actually be considering buying Preston’s program since you are looking for an REO Rockstar Review.

Here’s the thing though.

And this is important… […read more]

Preston Ely and Matt Wallace Gold Rush 2012 Review

May 22nd, 2012 by Jarad

Hey Guys,

Preston Ely Gold Rush 2012A lot of you may know who Preston Ely is. He’s been in the real estate industry for quite some time now and is a good friend. If you know anything about Preston, he never does anything half-way. He always under promises and over delivers. One of the latest buzz words going around is GOLD. There is a ton of speculation right now, because of how much paper money the U.S. has printed, that gold in the near future will rise to over $5,000 an oz. And if you read enough books and listen to all the experts, it’s seems very logical and possible that Gold could easily reach that amount very soon.

[…read more]

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