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October 26th, 2012 by Jarad

Real Estate Software

Most investors who are successful are using some sort of real estate software because it saves them time and money. There are tons out there to choose from, so we are going to focus on the real estate software we have experience with and currently use that allow us to find deals more easily and keep track of everything.

real estate softwareDepending on what type of investing you are focusing on whether it rehabbing, reo’s or short sales, the real estate software you use might vary a little. We are going to focus on wholesaling properties because there is very little risk involved, you don’t need any money of your own or good credit to wholesale a property.

The goal when wholesaling a property is to find a great deal, purchase it under market value and then flip the property to another end buyer or rehabber giving them a great deal as well. You just want to walk away with a small profit.

One of the biggest challenges with new investors is their time. They don’t have enough time to go out and find these great deals. This is where certain real estate software can shine. One of the many strategies to finding good deals is leveraging and multiplying your efforts. Let others find the deals for you and you pay them a small fee. These people that find and send you deals are called bird dogs.

The real estate software we use not only attracts bird dogs for us, it also manages and trains them so they know exactly what we are looking for. We have a specific things we are looking for when finding properties. We make sure our bird dogs know exactly what we are looking for and our requirements because we pay them a small fee for sending us properties.

The real estate software we use is called iFlip. It’s the best software you can use when wholesaling properties. It attracts and manages bird dogs and automatically pays them only when you’re approved the deal. This is a huge time saver because you can leverage other people and their time.

iFlip Real Estate Software Training

One of the things that sets this software apart for any other is the training it also provides. In the wholesale industry, there is a lot to learn in order to be successful. iFlip also trains you on the whole process of wholesaling. No matter if you are experienced or not, this training will show you exactly the business model we use to flip houses.

You are looking for a very specific kind of property so you need to know what the criteria is for approving these deals. You will see how we evaluate properties both good, bad and ugly and know exactly what to offer the bank. Most of these deals will be REO’s so you’ll see exactly what we are doing to find the best REO’s before the competition.

Another thing that is key in this business is having the funds available once you find these properties as well as a buyers list. The real estate software we use also shows you how to build your own buyers list. Not only does it show you how to build your own buyers list, it also comes with a nationwide buyers list that is updated monthly with all the cash buyers.

Funding is also one of those necessary pieces you need in order to fund the transaction between you and the bank. Once you close with the bank using “your” money, you can sell the home to your end buyer and then cash your check. If you don’t have a funding resource, we provide transactional funding for those who need help funding their deals.

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7 Responses to “Real Estate Software For Investors”

  1. Brian Linnekens Says:

    Nice article,great information about the software for investors who are working in the real estate . like this blog

  2. Bank Foreclosures - LOL All Day Says:

    […] may be retrying a market or working via a Realtor. In the event people need to dig up further about internet bird dogs, we know of heaps of on-line databases you should pursue. This is a hot market for real estate […]

  3. Nomans Land Says:

    Does this real estate software actually work? I’d like an answer from someone other than the creater of the product because usually all they care aobut is selling the product regardless if it really works or not. Is there any type of example of it in action so I can see the interface?

  4. Scott C. Says:

    Hey thanks, this looks like some great real estate software. Question – with iflip, is there any type of network where I can post my properties for sale for potential buyers to see? If so how does this work?

  5. Jarad Says:

    Nomans Land, I’m not the creator of the product and yes it does work. It takes a few hours to get it all set up and running smoothly, but nonetheless, the software will save you some time and help you locate deals you wouldn’t have found on your own.

    The software was recently updated to a new version and now it is even more robust then ever. They’ve added a bunch of new features which allows more exposure to your properties. My suggestion, is to try it, it’s only $1.95. Id be surprised if you “don’t” like it if you are doing any sort of real estate investing.

    Scott – yes with the new platform, you can syndicate your properties throughout the network to attract more buyers. It even has a social feature where you can share it for others to see

  6. ReBecca Says:


    I’ looking for a software system to invest- I’ve seen you endorse the above, iflip as well as Freedom Soft.

    What can you add to help me decide the better route? Or do you have other sites you endorse as well? Perhaps you have insight to PropTrend?

    I appreciate your time thank you

  7. Jarad Says:


    My suggestion would be to try out both and see which one fits you better and gives you the tools you are looking for. Both are very similar to each other in many ways and each definitely has it’s strengths in certain areas over the other. I would need to know more about what you are trying to accomplish and what you are doing in your real estate business to give you better opinion on which one would be better for you. I have accounts with and use both, so I’d be happy to give you more insight if you explain what you are doing. Unfortunately, I’ve never used PropTrend so I can’t give you any insight on that. I have used in the past, software called PropStream. Not sure if it’s totally different or just branded differently today. Even if it is the same thing, I haven’t used it in years and I’m sure there have been updates and tools I don’t know about. My suggestion would be to try all 3 and see which is going to work best for you. I know both iFlip and FreedomSoft offer free trials so you can test drive them. I’m sure PropTrend does the same. Hope this helps and good luck to your investing.

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